Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year and apologies

Hi readers
Happy New Year to you all, and apologies for having done very little blogging in the past month.  It has been characterised by high volumes of work and then three weeks of leave when I positively enjoyed not writing or spending much time online at all.   Given this blog is a solo effort, it has been difficult to keep things up to date.

Nevertheless the past year has been interesting in the field of road pricing, not least because there has been continued expansion of tolling in developed and developing countries, but also the increased interest in using road pricing as a different way of raising revenue and charging for networks of road use, rather than individual roads or managing congestion in cities.  The USA has been at the forefront of examining how to do this, with Australia also showing growing interest.  

I hope to write extensively about this in the coming year, with support from esteemed professionals who I invite to contribute.

I wish all of you involved in the road pricing field, whether as operators, government officials, politicians, engineers, users, employees, academics or even consultants, have a Happy New Year, and all of the best for your families and loved ones.

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