Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Indonesia to build its longest toll road

Jakarta Globe reports that state toll road operator, Jasa Marga (operator of 531 km of toll roads) is seeking to build a 1,000 km long toll road on Sumatra from Aceh to Lampung across the length of the island. It is estimated to cost $17 billion. 

This comes on top of a series of other announced projects including:
- Medan to Binjai (20 km) 
- Medan to Kuala Namu (and airport) (18 km)
- Pekanbaru to Renggat (202 km)
- Pekanbaru to Dumai (70 km)

This continues Indonesia's practice of building almost all of its intercity highways and many urban motorways as commercially self funding toll roads - an approach that is uncontroversial there, yet considered revolutionary in many developed countries.

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