Thursday, 6 January 2011

Catchup - toll road headlines from the past week

While I get back into the flow of what is going on after the break, here are some of the more interesting key news stories in the toll road sector (separate from congestion pricing) around the world in the past week:

Chilean toll road sector sees major ownership change - The Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) has purchased a 50% stake in the Autopista Central toll road in Chile from Skanska for SEK6 billion ($885.8 million) according to the Montreal Gazette.  Toll road investments remain interesting to longer term investment funds.

Brisbane's Rivercity Motorway Group has debt sold to hedge funds as future remains uncertainAs I wrote before, Rivercity Motorway Group is in dire financial circumstances as revenue from its CLEM7 toll road is well down on forecasts due to a number of factors.  The Australian reports that the road generates only enough revenue to cover operating costs, but not to pay interest on the debt.   This is unsustainable, but lenders could well choose to hold out until 2012 when adjoining roads open that will enhance the attractiveness of the route and drive up traffic volumes.

Indonesia to launch major expansion of its toll road network: Trans-Java toll road project is to proceed according to Vivanews.  It is described in this PDF file, and is 1120km in total length.  It is part of a wider infrastructure expansion strategy.  This simply shows Indonesia using tolling as a core means to fund its rapid highway development.

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