Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tolling news briefs

South African politician concerned about proposals to introduce tolling on existing roads to fund maintenance. (His concerns are valid if other charges are intended to cover such costs, but tolls can be set to recover long run capital and operating costs, including renewals).

Radio discussion about whether Michigan will embrace tolling, although the key motivation appears to be to toll existing roads to raise money for transport more generally.

New likely bidder for PLUS toll road operator in Malaysia raises share price to record levels.  MMC, a Malaysian private investment company involved in "transport & logistics, energy & utilities and engineering & construction".

New 11.5km toll road to be built in Bali, Indonesia between Sarangan and Nusa Dua, fully toll funded at a cost of 1.6 trillion Rupiah (US$177 million).

Finally, the dreadful floods in Brisbane, Australia have seen construction on the AirportLink toll road suspended, whilst the nearly bankrupt Clem 7 toll tunnel under the flooded city centre remains open (and toll free until Monday).

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