Saturday 2 April 2011

Nevada prohibits toll roads!

Proposed Boulder City Bypass route
The Las Vegas Sun reports about a proposed Boulder City bypass and the point that while it could possibly be funded through tolls, toll roads are not allowed in Nevada. Nevada has a reputation for being quite free and open about businesses of many kinds, but obviously not for tolls. One website indicates that Nevada had many toll roads,  but this was in the era before the internal combustion engine. 

It appears that the Interstate Highway programme in the 1950s killed toll roads in Nevada. The report in the Las Vegas Sun indicates that perhaps the entire US$400 million cost of the Boulder City Bypass could be funded through tolls with a PPP.   I'm surprised Nevada has maintained such strong opposition to tolling.  Given the current economic climate (and that the road would still allow untolled use of the existing route), it seems timely for Nevada to reconsider its opposition to tolling.

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