Thursday, 6 June 2013

Normal service will resume shortly

Apologies for those who follow this blog, I have been unable to produce any content in the past few weeks due to a number of factors including being extremely busy with work, a severe family illness and a bereavement, as well as some travel (and my birthday).   As a result I have also been unable to present a paper I submitted to the 9th ITS European Congress in Dublin, which I should have been talking to today.

My friend Steve Morello, from D'Artagnan Consulting LLP, is presenting on my behalf today.

I hope to resume regular service within the next week or so, in the meantime I will publish a few posts I had nearly finished before the recent interruptions.


  1. I have heard government is removing some other local transit services. Removing these services means more cars, more personal transports on roads, more traffic, more pollution, more accidents, more problems. Then how they will manage these issues?

  2. Road pricing... but you wouldn't be spam would you?