Tuesday 26 July 2011

Spain's gloomy economy affecting toll road demand

Euro Weekly News reports that the Alicante Ring Road is experiencing its lowest levels of traffic since it opened, and that other Alicante toll roads are at volumes of traffic not seen since 2000.

Last year, traffic on Alicante Province’s toll roads fell by five per cent against 2009 figures which had already dropped 15 per cent against the previous year. The drop is mainly on Alicante’s second ring road between El Campello and Elche, according to the Ministry of Development.

The ring road is the AP7, as seen below, providing a major bypass to the holiday city with has a normal population of over 770,000. 

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All of this doesn't bode well for any of Spain's private toll road concessionaires, which are facing severe challenges to their own viability as many are facing chewing up significant reserves whilst demand is well below forecasts (and what is necessary to service their debts).

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