Thursday 31 October 2019

Washington State Road Usage Charge Pilot Program - documentary

The US State of Washington recently concluded a pilot of light vehicle distance based road usage charging, testing an option to replace fuel tax.
Public television broadcaster TVW recently broadcast a documentary on the Washington Road Usage Charge Pilot Project which I have linked to below.  It includes:
  • Comments from two pilot participants; and an
  • Extensive interview with Reema Griffith, Executive Director, Washington State Transportation Commission.
It's around 24 minutes long, and is worth watching as it addresses issues such as comparing charges between the gas tax and paying by distance, privacy protection and use of data, as well as policy options going forward.  A full transcript is also available on the website for the documentary.

(Disclaimer: D'Artagnan Consulting advises and has been delivery partner for the Washington State Transport Commission on the Washington Road Usage Charge Pilot Project)

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